About Us

Service representative helping residents at a desk

Our Mission

Enabling local government employees with tools, technology, and support so they can deliver exceptional service to taxpayers.  

We listen, we understand, we deliver.

Our Vision

Creating trust between governments and the communities they serve.

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Our Platform

The platform uses machine learning to streamline the change of ownership process for real estate transactions. Customers can complete their work in a fraction of the time with greater accuracy. Just Appraised also has created more seamless ways for tax offices to communicate digitally with their taxpayers.

Our Founders

Photo of CEO Imran Khoja

Imran Khoja

Chief Executive Officer

Born in Canada and raised as a global citizen, Imran has lived in and traveled to over 60 countries.   From London to Islamabad, from Warsaw to Vancouver - he values a team diverse in thought and knows that it’s the key to innovation and collaboration.  

Imran has worked as a product designer and product owner, served as an Investment Partner at Dorm Room Fund, and has co-founded two social enterprises.  Imran is a Y Combinator alum and holds degrees from Williams College and Stanford’s Graduate School of Business.  He is currently based in Vancouver, Canada.

Photo of CTO Ihsan Ecemis

Ihsan Ecemis

Chief Technical Officer

Born and raised in Turkey and based in Boston, Massachusetts, Ihsan is an entrepreneur with a proven track record for developing creative solutions and building innovative software products for scientific and business problems.  Ihsan loves music, travel, and spending time with his family.

Photo of COO Travis Noll

Travis Noll

Chief Operating Officer

Travis was born in San Francisco, CA and raised in Southern California.  Travis graduated from Stanford with his BS and MS in Management Science and Engineering as well as his Masters in Business Administration.  While at Stanford, Travis was the captain of the water polo team and COO of Stanford Student Enterprises, a non-profit that ran various small businesses on campus with a $2M P&L.

After graduating, Travis worked in strategy consulting with a focus on healthcare and pharmaceuticals. Travis currently lives in St. Petersburg, Florida, but he has called many places home including Irvine, San Francisco, Seattle, New York City, and Buenos Aires. He enjoys reading science fiction and fantasy novels, and spending time outdoors.

Our History



Eyes on Partnership
Ihsan tries to convince Imran to work with him on one of his ventures, but Imran decides to go to grad school at Stanford.


Finding Founders
Imran and Travis meet at Stanford, crossing paths often. Imran sees talent and shared values in Travis, and he starts the conversation about working together.


Just Appraised is Born
As they approach graduation, Travis and Imran start talking about building an exceptional team, with a focus on inclusive environments, even before there’s a business idea. Many dinners and brainstorms later, the areas of small businesses, contractors, and local governments come to mind, as Travis grew up with parents in municipal leadership. 

After more in-depth user conversations, Travis sees how local governments are underserved as a user and buyer of technology and software. They land on solving a problem for local governments - how to streamline work processes for governments, specifically in the areas of property assessments, tax filings and transferring ownership with the goal to increase property tax revenue and ultimately better serve the taxpayer.
Just Appraised is born. 


Band's Back Together
Ihsan and Imran meet up and go to a concert together and Imran convinces Ihsan to “help out” at Just Appraised.


Just Appraised integrates its first customer.


Hitting the Ground Running
The founders start to build relationships and carefully grow their bootstrapped company with sheer hard work, tenacity, and initiative. 10 months after Ihsan joins, the company grows to over 10 customers and starts building a global team.

2021 - Present

And Growing!
Just Appraised has employees in over 6 countries and grows to dozens of customers.