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Who We Are

- Agile and fast-paced
- Backed by Y-Combinator
- Startup mentality and focus
- Fully remote with a global workforce
- Flexibility
- Equity
- Committed to diversity and inclusion
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Our Values

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Our team members challenge ideas and share unique perspectives with empathy and respect. Our best solutions have resulted from successfully working through differing perspectives.

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Customers Come First

We meet our customers where they are.   We understand their needs and create workflows and user-friendly solutions.

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Practice Inclusivity

We consciously commit to building a diverse and inclusive team.  We learn from each other, hold each other accountable and ask the team to share feedback, both good and bad, so we can be better.

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Start to Finish Ownership

Everyone plays a crucial role and owns a piece of the success and growth of the company. If you see something that could be better, we want you to speak up, or better yet, fix it!

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Agile & Fast-Paced

We aim to find the balance between moving quickly while still providing a great experience for our customers. We are driven to action while managing risk and understanding consequences.

What Just Appraised Teammates Are Saying:

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Shelley Harpur

Started in Aug. 2021

" I love the people at Just Appraised. Everyone is supportive, open, caring and lives our values. "

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Sarah Smith

2+ Years

" I am so excited about having the opportunity to help build and shape a company.  The fast pace and new challenges are exciting and I love being part of a growing company. "

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